You may have heard of the saying that behind a great establishment is great leadership. However, at the same time, have you heard of the expression that behind a great member is a great team? If not, it’s because this ideal was coined here at Crazy Mama's. We strongly believe that it takes many helping hands, not just the hands of a few, to support the longevity of an establishment.


At Crazy Mama's, we trust in teamwork, but more importantly, we trust in each other. This transpires to how our customers feel about our business. We are committed to fostering a diverse and accepting culture where both sense of individuality, as well as community, share equal importance. Each of our members – from the kitchen to our service and bar staff – add their own spice to the team. Come and meet each of our members and learn about each of their story.


We always welcome talented and motivated professionals who share Crazy Mama's passion for exceptional food and service. If you fit our culture, feel free to contact us here or drop by to introduce yourself.

The Crazy Mama's Team with owners Hayley & Sidney Fortuin

Kitchen Staff


T | 064 207 364

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113 Sam Nujoma Ave.

Walvis Bay

P.O. Box 3581​

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